About us

Conexões Amazônicas is a collaboration network aiming at:

1) Connecting researchers and the non-academic community;

2) Facilitating data sharing;

3) Creating a hub of scientific communication regarding Amazonia.

The activities involve scientific communication through events and publications in social networks, besides creating an interdisciplinary repository for databases, and thus connecting researchers acting in Amazonia among themselves andw with the non-academic community.

The network started at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in 2019 with a science communication meeting, and since then it has been looking at contributing to the scientific debate regarding Amazonia. Although it was initially created at UFRGS, researchers from any other institution are very welcome to the network! If you want to participate, please contact us at conexoesamazonicas@gmail.com, or follow us at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can participate in the network in three ways: 1) contributing with scientific communication texts (about your own research or other topic you find relevant); 2) adding your research data to public repositories and sharing the link in our website; and 3) subscribing your email here to receive our updates and connect with the network members.

Today, many researchers from different scientific disciplines participate in this initiative, including areas as sociology, water resources, ecology, zoology, genetics, communication, laws, chemistry, glaciology, human ecology and ethnobiology.

Executive team

General coordination
Bianca Darski – Ecology
Ayan Santos Fleischmann – Water resources

Management, communication, text review
Adriana Moreira – Recursos hídricos
Alice Fassoni-Andrade – Water resources
Arielli Machado – Ecology
Ayan Santos Fleischmann – Water resources
Bianca Darski – Ecology
Carolina Santos Vieira – Zoology
Júnior Chuctaya – Zoology
Larissa Ribeiro – Water resources
Leonardo Laipelt – Water resources
Leonardo Rodolfo Paul – Water resources
Maycom Nascimento –Environment and agricultural science
Rafael Bisso-Machado – Genetics
Renata Barão Rossoni – Water resources

Advisory board
Adriano Premebida – Sociology
Anderson Ruhoff – Water resources
André Ferreira – Zoologia
Eloísa Loose – Journalism
Paula Pereyra – Zoologia
Renato Silvano – Ecology
Rodrigo Paiva – Water resources
Sly Wongchuig Correa – Water resources
Rafael Souza dos Reis – Geosciences
Ilza Girardi – Journalism

Aline Radaelli – Sociology
Carolina Batista Nunes – Ecology
Danilo Barbosa Ferreira – History
Deborah Pinheiro Dick – Chemistry
Elenita Malta Pereira – History
Gonçalo Ferraz – Ecology
Hugo Fagundes – Water resources
Humberto Mohr – Ecology
Iara Coriolano – Ecology
Jamille Almeida da Silva – Journalism
João Paulo Fialho Brêda – Water resources
Kelly Bruch – Laws
Priscila Madoka – Zoologia
Raíssa de Deus Genro – Journalism

*People that participate or that have participated in the network as science communicators